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At the Cross Experience, to help you select the perfect trip for you. To help you selct the perfect trip, we have divided our tour business into 3 separate yet combined divisions, with the goal to providing a lifetime “Experience” at a reasonable cost.

Experience Series

These trips will generally fall into longer general sightseeing trips starting with long weekends and extending up to 3 week Experiences to places throughout North America, such as Florida, Nashville TN, Branson MO, Niagara Falls, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and many more both in Canada and USA.

These also can be focused on destinations within Maritimes and Maine  generally  "day trips" or over 1-2 nights.  Popular Destinations will be Halifax Military Tattoo, PEI, Jolly Roger whale watching, St Stephen Ganong chocolate tour, McAdam train excursion, St Martin’s, Grand Manan Island, USA shopping and many more.  We live in a beautiful part of the world and it is our goal to share many of these locations with you. Learn more...

Faith Based Christian Series

These trips will be more focused on music and will generally be built around one or more gospel concerts. Even though this will be the focus there will be lots of extra activities for those that would just like to "get away" and travel to exciting places in a relaxed atmosphere arriving rested and ready to have lots of FUN. They will always include plenty of time for shopping, sight seeing, and famous restaurants where memorable times can be shared “around the table”.  Occasionally we will partner up with HFM Tours for an event, headquartered in New England with many varied destinations, such as Washington DC, Lancaster Co PN, Pigeon Forge TN.   They can also stretch from a long weekend to as much as 21 days including cruises and other great added value "Experiences". Learn more...

Sports and Concerts Series

This is a new area of travel that Cross Experience has added to the series.  We have formed a working relationship with Tom McGinn Tours, a very well known and highly respected local tour operator, specializing in Sporting Events and majour Concerts.  We have worked with Tom in ther past and can testify that he does great tours in those specialty areas and we look forward to adding this type of trips to our "Experiences".  We will each maintian our own identity but share our trips with each other and handle bookings for both, meaning if you are currently a regular passenger on our tours, we will now be able to book you on a Tom McGinn Event Tours and vice versa.  This working relationship is quite exciting and unique giving our passengers much more variety in their Experiences, while dealing with the tour operators they have grown to know and trust.  


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